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The croaking toad The spitting toad Is ill Time and wind pass Like poor cowards.  
Le crapaud qui coasse Le crapaud qui crache Est malade Le temps et le vent passent Comme des pauvres lâches.  
The saying goes, "If you place a frog into boiling water, It will immediately jump out. But if you place a frog in lukewarm water And slowly turn up the heat, It will stay in the water Until it dies.
There was once a princess in a far away land Who was offering up her marriage hand However all the princes that had come a calling Found her behavior gross and appalling  
A princess lived on a hill She had plenty of wealth, but still She wished for a friend To play with until day's end Someone who could give her a thrill   One day she spotted a frog
The Unwanted Kiss   She shrieked when our eyes met as if I was the odd-looking one, just because I'm small, have warts, and jump rather than run. But had she seen herself lately?
Fatigue engulfed me like the idea of prince charming, But there's no answer to the undoable or the impossible Except entertaining an animal in this spongy forest. Oh! I found him. 
He was slimy, although he did his best to hide it.  Full of charming smiles and flirtatious compliments, he wooed all in his path.   But then you got closer.  
One dirt road to the great, bright cityIn the center laid a frog ill and chillyMany passed by and it was forgottenUntil it died and would soon rotten
Haiku Stories, Volume 2: The Frog  
There was a rock in the middle of my lane, at least that’s what my brain told me. It was just a rock, a dark figurine. Yet, as I drove closer the recollection of its hop popped up every memory and image I had of the creature.
Jump, splash, plop. A calm peaceful pond, Little frogs swimming around, Exploring the wondrous beauty.
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