The Princess and the Fraud

A princess lived on a hill

She had plenty of wealth, but still

She wished for a friend

To play with until day's end

Someone who could give her a thrill


One day she spotted a frog

Sitting in the middle of the bog

He took her by surprise

By complementing her eyes

And began telling her a monologue


He said he was all alone

In this was not the form he had grown

To change him into a man would take a kiss

'Twas an opportunity the princess could not miss

All he would ask for is her throne


The princess happily agreed

And kneeled down in the weeds

A kiss she planted on his lips

She felt a tingle in her fingertips

And wished that the man had been freed


She looked where he lay

And much to her dismay

Saw only the frog's holograph

And from the woods she heard a laugh

Her brother had tricked her again today


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