the Unwanted Kiss

The Unwanted Kiss


She shrieked when our eyes met

as if I was the odd-looking one,

just because I'm small, have warts, and jump rather than run.

But had she seen herself lately?

Oh my, she was something else.

Her features, so bizarre, I studied from the shelf.


Her face was so pale,

as if her skin were already ice cold.

But her cheeks were so pink,

they matched the ridiculous dress

that dragged behind her feet.


Her thick, waxy, lips-

an unnatural shade of red,

lunged toward me unexpectedly,

given more time, I would have lunged under the bed


She kissed me! A woman!

Never bothered to ask.

Then she stepped back with a look of disappointment,

as if kissing me was a chore!


I looked down, my fingers started to glow-

then my whole body,

everything began to grow!

What have you done to me?

Take it back! Take back the kiss!

My words couldn't stop it,

If only she had missed.


Within moments,

I looked just like her.

Skin like snow,

with straight legs of my own

My beautiful warts!

My slimy skin!

How will I to survive the winter,

with a body this thin?


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