Little Frogs

Jump, splash, plop.

A calm peaceful pond,

Little frogs swimming around,

Exploring the wondrous beauty.

Croak, ribbit, chirp.

A song they sing in the night,

Melody so sweet and pure,

Each with their own unique sound.

Green, yellow, blue.

Numerous colors and hues,

They keep them alive,

Against the powers of nature.

Ugly, quiet, dull.

Humans invade the pond,

Dumping their waste,

Destroying the little frogs’ home.

Clean, restore, protect.

Removing the poisons,

Reviving the life,

So little frogs can come home.



Aww, I love this poem! taytayy225, you are a great example of a poet who knows how to take in all of the senses to write a poem- sight, touch, smell...and so on. I just love your onomatopoeias throughout the poem, they are so perfect! haha :) In college, my previous professers taught me to be mindful of the little things in life. It's tempting to always write poetry about the "big picture" issues like government, race, self esteem etc. It takes a special poet to pull out the smallest of details to create a great piece of work. Your observation of a live frog (I suppose) or even a frog in pictures/videos, is the muse for this piece! Continue to write about the "little things" in life... use your senses to explore life and each moment with your pen! I think it's cool that you used this poem to speak up about protecting the enviornment. You, like many poets, found a way to take a small, intricate subject, and convey a message that is powerful and one you truly believe in. Nice!


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