single mother

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Thank you father for making me cry saying I'm worthless and that I should die Thank you father for making me sad because now I love making folks glad Thank you father for leaving me and mom
The first day that really smells like September. Crisp, cool, requiring a sweatshirt. Seeing the millrace and being taken back to Autumn of 2009 in Pennsylvania.
The door displays a white and purple wreath   (which cost $5.99 at Marshall's). Some people are visiting distant family, and most of our Christian friends    attend Christmas Eve Mass.
As your little girl, You watched me grow. You saw me smile, cry, fail and succeed. Over the years you've guided, you've mentored, you've taught You even had to beg and plead.  
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
Single mother Trying her bestRaising three kids
When we started off, I was all too worried. Hoping your son would grow to like me and that you would be comfortable with a new man in your lives.
6 torn cardboard walls hold distant memories- hah, more like serrated puzzle pieces with razor sharp edges, stabbing one another yet fitting perfectly - yet willingly accepting the nerve wrenching pain and sudden discoloration of their o
The girl with the corn flower hair called to me on the summer wind And begged me for a favor Tell no one where I have been this eve and whom these hands have held And in return I promise you a reward most vied to savor.
When I love her, she shines for me, just me – a secret smile, hiding tears darkening her brown lashes, until they make her more beautiful than she was before she shined just for me,
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