To my struggling mother

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When I love her,
she shines for me,
just me – a secret smile,
hiding tears darkening
her brown lashes,
until they make her
more beautiful than
she was before
she shined just for me,
– a secret.

But I love her more,
when her smile surrenders
to her worrying brow,
her bottom lip between
front teeth too big for her,
face cocked to one side,
with her honey eyes
staring out the window,
harboring and deflecting
fears she keeps secret,
- just for me.

Oh, no, Love -
an unsteady sigh escaped
her painted on peace of mind,
which scares me more
than her softest sigh hitching,
like she forgot to breathe
in her desperation
to keep the secrets
swimming in her head,
- just from me.

So, I reach out for her,
my hand brushing her face,
sweeping her bangs
out of her honey eyes,
which give my clues
to my mother's cares set apart.
Just me - a secret entrance.
God, she’s shining again,
and my tiny finger is moist,
from one tear she could not hide from me.
Just me – a secret.

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I really enjoyed reading this... it reminded me of my mama.

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