A Girl into a Mother

As your little girl,

You watched me grow.

You saw me smile, cry, fail and succeed.

Over the years you've guided, you've mentored, you've taught

You even had to beg and plead.


But I'm not so little anymore,

as you both know.

I am strong, I am devoted and I will not fall to defeat.

Because just like you,

I have a baby who needs me.


As you have been mine,

I am now all his.

My world is so different now,

how strange this all is.


As a parent, I have limitless love.

Something I truly understand now,

and how I thank God up above.


Growing up, children think they know best.

What friends to chose, what to say and even how to dress.


But here I am as a woman now,

with my child laid against my chest.

And I thank the heavens to have love as I have been loved

And that I have two parents

who worked day in and day out without any rest.


Now you get to see your work put to the ultimate test,

As I am now the mother,

and I will work, adore and protect.

This poem is about: 
My family


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