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I'm going to say, Love is a bitch. Little baby Cupid looks so innocent, A cherub, an angel, a helpless baby. Do not be fooled. He is a jumbled mess of confusion and fast decisions
Her life becomes a mess of Red lipstick defenses Red lipstick state of mind  Look but don't see Look but don't touch
I love you They are words we hear all our lives  "I love you" says my mother as she kisses my small head before bed "I love you" says my father before hanging up the phone  But what does I love you mean?
He came home late last night I was never taught how to fight He loves me, to him I owe My body. I've been told by him so   He hurts, but then apologizes I forgive, for in his eyes is
Shattered glass On the floor A broken reflection Nothing more   Black and blue Along my arm From the one Who promised no harm   Tears pooling On the bed
I can accept this love,
  You twisted my mind,       With your words and your lies. You stole away my childhood,       In every way that you could.
She sits alone, crouched in the darkness, holding up her knees with thin, spindly arms. Dried tears have created a track on her dirt streaked face. Her blue eyes have lost their charm.
Happiness Anger Love Hate   Presence Absence Prompt Late   Pride Embarrassment Confidence Worry   Ignore Obsess Delay
Oh what would I possibly do and who on earth would I be, if for just one tiny moment
A week I laid in wait. Disappointed only by the silence. Maybe what I encountered was strictly the will of fate. I should not have jumped that fence.   I stood and stared as the man beat his wife.
Rhythm beats the drums while your guidance beats my heart. To your song, I cannot dance. To your song, I cannot love. And according to your melodies, I will not live.  
A notebook clenched tight to her chest, She fills it with rivers red, Against the crowd she seems to flow, A teenage girl whom none know...  
Tears and Blood Shed in the night She is cold, And she’s alone. For why she cries, So many have died And she fears the fate For her own. He hits her, When she’s crying.
Asleep on the couch, waiting for your return, Hoping for the best, fearing the worst, As the door unlocks and the knob creaks, I turn, A smile on my face. Stumbling on the threshold, tequila in hand
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