What it is, What it isn't

I love you

They are words we hear all our lives 

"I love you" says my mother as she kisses my small head before bed

"I love you" says my father before hanging up the phone 

But what does I love you mean?

I love you means "be careful"

I love you means "Please eat something today"

It means walking you home because it's late and you're scared

And "I hope your day gets better"

But maybe something more important than what I love you is

Is what it isn't

I love you isn't "You need me"

I love you isn't "I would kill myself if I couldn't have you"

It isn't buying you diamonds after a tearfilled, rage-fuelled agrument

And it isn't "I would never hurt you on purpose, it was an accident"

We are always taught and shown what love looks like

We've all heard the story of the kight and the princess

But what we aren't shown are the monsters who hide under the guise of love

We aren't taught to be weary of them creeping in the shadows

But they're there 

And they will win if you let them

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Our world
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