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Tears and Blood
Shed in the night
She is cold,
And she’s alone.
For why she cries,
So many have died
And she fears the fate
For her own.
He hits her,
When she’s crying.
Always lying,
Her friends prying.
Any questions,
He breaks a bone.
And so she’d rather
Be alone.
Sweet, sweet young girl
Girl of the North
Brought into this world
To find out what she’s worth
500 a night
Her pimp says
As he feeds her booze
And worse.
With other girls
Into the night
They cater to the perverts.
No Choice and
No escape.
Both women cry
Behind the gate
Of Silence and the
Dangerous fate
They may not live
Another day.
Come find me!
They call
In Silent stares.
Too weak to speak
The words aloud
Too numb inside
To care.
Blood dries on her pillow case
Next to the man she loves
Dying everyday inside
He looks in her eyes
And slugs.
Little girl shakes
in the room
The drugs cannot defeat
The doom
But she lays down
He shuts the door
Just like a million times before.
Help! Help!
These ladies need help.
Surely to die
If they do not get help.
We’re trying We’re trying
And they keep holding on
Hidden Among Us
They keep holding on.



Have you heard of spoken word? This has so much potential. The harsh reality of the dark side of life. Nobody really knows how that person feels unless they've been there. Amazing poem.

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