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It's my first attemt at an acrostic poem-    And the body is made to die, a Very fine specimen, crafted with precision Arranged into an organism, a
The thing about my garden is, When all the flowers wilt, I cannot find the strength to Plant new ones. -ajh.
He drives his Lincoln fast down those dirt roads. Too fast sometimes. He isn’t suicidal, or maybe he is. He wouldn’t mind if the car flipped, it was exhilarating, to say the least.
Maybe we don't have to know; What's there to come in the future. And maybe ten years after everything We'll stumble upon each other again,  laughing about how we broke each other's heart.   Love,
I crave to adore you when your at your worst Share a love that can not be dispersed I crave to be held close to your chest as my head lay to rest
#nofliter Why must we put a label on a picture that has nothing but a fake smile and good lighting? Because behind the raised eyebrows and the plastered grin on our face
I like to think of you as the ocean sometimes.  
Don't include me into your fake fairy tale The one with flowers, and a neck full of pearls,
Come softly now to the meadow Come, in all your downy glory Fragile and beautiful, Gleaming eyes of Boreas watch as you dance Round ‘n round you go Radiant, ravishing, and refined   Gloriously white
In the end we are nothing but bones-     it’s funny how death and time ride a tandem bicycle  (time always steers- as impatient as always- death always pedals- ever present-)  
She really thought it was real this time She was stubborn that this time, this time he was the one So she danced with words on her tongue  And made him feel like a prince
We are all given the same time but what does that dictate that a plant can walk or a dog learn to speak. When seven billion people exist how many can truly be seen but a few in the gleaming light of stars embrace.
            It was as if the nighttime decided that it wanted to be with me forever,             As if it knew… it knew I didn’t want it.             The large pitch black face of the night, that devil,
Always finding the negativeCounter exampling the positiveGood times or badEither way I'm always kind of glad When I talk with youIt takes away the bluesYour nice sweet voiceCan make me rejoice
The way your eyes lit upThe way your mouth smiledThe way you used to laughWhat happened to all that We were once inseparableWe were once capableNothing came in-between Now we're only once upon a time
Whenever you're scaredJust know I'll always be hereWhenever you're aloneJust know I'll always be nearWhenever you're nervousJust know there's nothing to fearIf times go badDon't be sad
I flew from circus tents into the great unknown Blue. My feet were stained with the yellow of the desert— still wet. It took one leap for the white wings I keep folded away (only showing whispers
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