I Won't


Don't include me into your fake fairy tale

The one with flowers, and a neck full of pearls,

And a hand full of diamonds.

With you coming home wanting to unwind and be tired.

AND me there for your comfort.

After cleaning and the first wash I still give it up for you 

before the pin drops..

I don't want to be that girl.....

The one being ignored and played,

left in the dark as you conspire in ungodly hours

and be untamed.

THEN come home with the smell of "lost obligations"

into the sheets of "ware and neglection"

That girl asks no questions. She stays wedded with no intention of leaving.

EVEN THOUGH she's seeing but not believing.

I don't want to be her...

Restless in her empty bed.

As thoughts go threw her mind never to be untwined

Confused with a multitude of carelessness

from those who abused her,

and forced her into reckless abandonment.


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