Come softly now to the meadow

Come, in all your downy glory

Fragile and beautiful,

Gleaming eyes of Boreas watch as you dance

Round ‘n round you go

Radiant, ravishing, and refined  

Gloriously white

So cold, so serene, so pure

Everything you touch is your partner in dance

And every partner

Is rewarded with a sweet kiss

A freezing kiss

Hades is your brother donned in black as you dance in white

Trailing at your gleaming white cloak hem

Snatching greedily at your unwary white riddled partners

As you spin in a frenzy

Faster ‘n faster you spin

Blurred in the purest fashion

Looking as if a pure white silk

You fall to cover the ground in a deadly embrace

And lay as a sinister Sleeping Beauty

Come softly now to the meadow

The old Man Winter bids you welcome

He bids you welcome, Snow.



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