the one

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These eyes have lost many of battles These Grey eyes have felt pain, abandonment, and the unwillingness to face another day Sweet memories as the moon sets
I know you are not here for me I kneeled and prayed to the trees the trees only my lips had kissed whalst you kissed her silhotte  she was missed, but not quite gone You had known me long
I have no idea what to do with this feeling  My weakness is you  Perhaps I don’t see as clearly as I used to  But I see you  And to see you is to see light in its purest form 
I use every part of my senses when I'm with you: When I stare into your eyes, which shine brighter than any star When I touch you, feeling the warmness of your embrace When I kiss you,
Love is the tree you wanted to climb when you were young The one with the tall trunk and long limbs Yes, that’s the one
I can dream of all Summer, winter, fall Flying in the sky Makes me never cry Wanna be the one That changes tears in fun...
Dearest – You are the one, The one who’s meant for me, As I am meant for you. Somehow, I know this, Despite how I met you In two simple dreams, Three years ago.  
I can only remember two times my heart skipped a beat from loving someone.
    After spending months with you I can’t believe I thought you were the one too I hate that I fell for the idea of us You getting along with everyone was just a plus
The deeper I mine The less I find Wasting my time While being kind   The diamonds fly Out of my reach
Tell her that you can't promise that you'll remember her favorite color- but that you'll remember the experiences you've had together   tell her that you will always remember  the butterflies you got whenevr she was around
One word to describe our relationship? Brutal To others we may seem broken 
I miss you like crazyI miss you for sureYou are my rockMy apple core You took the badAnd you made it goodI try not to laughAlthough I should
count to 10 and go to sleep lay your head gently 
I am the wandering one Walking in crop fields  Listening to the wind  I am the little child Singing along the slough's edge Dancing gaily beside wild daisies  I am the listless mind
My heart broke a confusing puzzle But I met you And you liked Puzzles
Boys trying to get with me But don't know nothing about me Trying to please their friends Just trying to smack my body at the wrong times Instead of trying to talk to me and have a nice conversation
They're all the same They want to two-time They lie They're selfish They don't care They're all dumb They're all ugly But this one He's beautiful He's smart He cares about me
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