Coming Full Circle

I can only remember two times my heart skipped a beat from loving someone. Coincidentally those two moments were very different, with two very different men, many years apart, and many years prior to my writing this; but that feeling, that feeling is unforgettable.  

The first time was just a look, he turned around and I saw those eyes and my heart froze because that was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen, I was staring my future in the eyes. He was the first thing I had ever been completely sure of up until that moment, and some days, he still is.


The second moment, was the first time I felt something with a boy who I had to convince myself I was interested in. I remember looking into his eyes and not feeling the electricity in my bones that I felt years before, with the boy I still saw around the halls, but I figured that was a feeling that only came around once in a lifetime, to an extent I was right. Next thing I knew he leaned in and he kissed me, his kiss tasted like he loved me, and my heart skipped a beat.


To this day I am convinced if we hadn’t shared that kiss, if I hadn’t had the feeling that brought me back to that boy from years before, I never would have fallen for this second boy, and he never would have broken my heart, but then I would have never gone full circle with the boy whose eyes held the rest of my life.


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