Advice to the young man in the romance movie

Tell her that you can't promise that you'll remember her favorite color- but that

you'll remember the experiences you've had together 

 tell her that you will always remember  the butterflies you got whenevr she was around

and how her eyes would sparkle like the moon whenever she said your name

tell her that you've never been in love

and that it feels like free falling into

an ocean of happiness

tell her that life wouldnt be complete without her

and show her that you're never wrong

never let her think that your wrong


Move past all the yelling,

all the shouting,

all the fighting,

because you can get past this and

 you will  tell her she's beautiful;

that she's kind;

 that she's the one and 

that you remember her favorite color

is orange

she will wrap her arms around you

 swooning  over the fact that you broke your promise and

trembling over how many more you will break 


It was only a  amatter of time until the lustful love patterns 

turned sour 

as the fighting continued  and 

more promises broke-

you realize you hvae to break up with her; 

tell her that if you could of stayed, you

would of stayed and that's

why you didn't;

tell her that the sun and moon dont always collide right

and that whats happened to us

tell her that you will always love her, but

please don't sugar coat it. 

Becasue love is all she needs

and she will have to go through a couple bad ones,

 to get to the right one. 




This poem is about: 
Our world



I love this! I can relate to the need to be straight forward and not sugar coating things. 

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