Teenage Boys

Boys trying to get with me
But don't know nothing about me
Trying to please their friends
Just trying to smack my body at the wrong times
Instead of trying to talk to me and have a nice conversation

Only concerned about gangs and not getting an education
Concerned about who likes who and who wants to jump who
Concerned about who can get this girl to have sex with then
Concerned about anything that doesn't have to do with me being nice to you
Concerned whether girls like when you sag your pants

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
and if you knew that you would get the chance to know me
Because you would be able to have a nice conversation with me
Thinking you better than the next one who' going to talk to me
People fighting to talk with me becase they think I'm so pretty

I'm not conceited, it's just a lot of boys like me
But there is no need to fight because we can all be friends
Don't tell me I want to be more than friends straight off the bat otherwise you'll get cut off completely
Respect what I say otherwise you won't get to know me
You don't even get to tell me how you feel about me

Don't tell me how you expect to get my attention
Because I'm not going to listen if you're looking anywhere else
besides my eyes
I won't care what you are talking about
Because you're only thinking about how I'm really pretty

Don't come around here because I will have people looking for you
Trying to jump you because you were bothering me
Step back and don't try to hurt mr otherwise you'll get hurt badly
Don't tell me anything because your words aren't worth anything
That 's just a bunch of bs

People around you are much better than you think they are
Because they know how to treat a girl and start a conversation with a girl
Unlike you who only cares about what you want
and what you can do to any girl you want
Because like I said you're trying to impresss your friends

I don't like you because the thing is you are ugly anyway
I wish that you would stop harrasin me
Sending me naked pics to get my attention
"I don't like yoy! So go away!"
You're wasting your time

Spending time to know me is what a real man does
Expressing their feelins to me shows a real man
Trying to be like a thug
with your pants on the ground, pants on the ground
Why does everyone try to get with me using the same technique? It's so old.

Nobody doesn't have the brains to know that girls don't like that
Being talked at like they're a piece of property
Or some kinda dog
Lookin' for a real man
to come and talk tome angd not thing about when you can get some


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