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I came to U.S From the New Spain
If you are Caucasian, Asian, or of Middle Eastern persuasion everyone wants to be black for the occasion You wear saggy jeans and you come off like this Do you really know what its like to be black and dissed
I can see the golden yellow crown Upon a woman whose skin shines black. An eloquent white silk gown That drapes down From her shoulders to her back Straight to the ground. I can see the elegant black kimono
Only thought It would be a typical night going to the store Some candy and tea nothing less nothing more. Hoodie on. Innocent as ever. With racism as the weather.
I am nobody. Who are you? Are you nobody to?   I lived the perfect life. Family of four raised in white people land. White picket fences. White lawn chairs scattered across the yard.
If you tell me, "I have been racially discriminated!"   And you are a white, I will ask you, Why is that discrimination? Were you denied your basic civil rights? Do you deal with this on daily basis? 
 Yes em master no em master
They sit there silentWaiting for a chance to speakTheir wallets staying empty Because of a law that must change Hundreds maybe thousandsThey all stand there strandedNo workNo jobNo school
Why? Why must my people cower in fear at the hands of our oppressors who long ago promised equality? We have sweat, bled, and died for this country, yet our blood is not enough to wash away their hate.
We don't get to timeour crises of faith,do we? When thebite has gone outof the bourbon itseems as thoughjokes are not funny,as they used to be.
I'm trying to be a legend to my urban youth, Someone positive that they can look up to, and let them know that with a dream they can make it out, I can be the voice that they are raving about,
America is, Land of the free, Home of the brave. Speak up America! Break down the cultural barriers that have held us so long, Embrace your brothers and sisters.
The Colour of War is not Red By R. M. Otto
Children, Windows are now doors Streets are now sidewalks They are now history D-day, Don't forget your toothbrush.
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