We All Eventually Forget Where We Come From

Thu, 05/01/2014 - 00:59 -- kingram


Country Club Hills, Illinois
United States
I can see the golden yellow crown
Upon a woman whose skin shines black.
An eloquent white silk gown
That drapes down
From her shoulders to her back
Straight to the ground.

I can see the elegant black kimono
Graceful, on a man of striking yellow.
Vibrant red and intricate gold
Patterns flow,
On the seams, so finely sewn.

I can see the uniquely bronzed necklace
Resting over the daring red warrior’s chest.
With a godly green headdress
Made of feathers sitting pleasantly on the prince.

I can see no fabricated world.
Only rulers of dynasties, kingdoms and empires
From countless colors
We have been here once before
But some history gets lost in the time warp.

We robbed ourselves of precious gifts
By forgetting about our heritage.
If only we knew about that risk
We would know how important color really is.
But I refuse to find content
When we are still incompetent.

For God’s creation is not simply black and white.
Our world should not be blinded by shades,
If we can perceive the light.
A complex spectrum of colors that glow so bright
In the day, and fade with night.

Even the ambiguities of human nature pursues this beauty
A rainbow found in every personality.
From the impulsive reds
Unique yellows
And tranquil blues
That blends to produce a variety of hues.

Color dominates
Yet we abuse its value
We take advantage of our perception
And use it to criticize fellow “hue-”
Men and women with the potential to change this world
But we don’t see their good
We see their color

What once gave us strength became our kryptonite
Because we are bound, shackled to “stereotypes”

Black “thugs” going to college
Brown “terrorists” fighting the American war
“Illegal” reds paying their taxes
Yellow “nerds” becoming musicians
“Selfish” whites sharing their money.

The day that we stop abusing,
The day that we we stop ignoring, 
The day that we start practicing the true potential entitled to our complexions 
Will be the day that I am content.


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