toxic relationship

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The problem wasn't that we didn't take a step, we dove in headfirst, without a second to prep. A love-wounded heart, and a selfish soul, set off on a doomed journey, no aim, all the way she humms all the Hassels she claimed.
                                            If you were born in the month of August Be cool, be calm, be wise and be robust
it’s 3 am and i’m laying in my own bed for the first time in months. the candle beside me flickers unevenly and the hum from the ceiling fan above is deafening if i pay too much attention.
Revolving door, I guess I’ve come back for more of course. Spirit numb and heart can’t take much more. Only takes a smallest of gestures to have me banging on your door. Begging, pleading for just a little more.
my body is a temple. he comes to worship nightly. slams these doors wide open knowing they were only ever expecting him.   my body is a temple. he bounds inside, starving for my holy water.
i am the sun -- bright and joyous, rarely clouded, warm and friendly, unknowingly smothering.   he is the moon -- cool and collected,
i feel so weak.   i am a beggar pleading for change   from a man whose hands i'm afraid will never give to me again.   i only yearn for those few small tokens of affection.  
he grabs my heart, clutching it as hard as he can.   his words stab every vessel, each cut deeper than the next.   "i thought it would go away."   me too.   but it hasn't.  
you are blue in its dullest and brightest forms.   you are the sky, throwing your arms open above me with no clear idea of what you're trying to reach.   no matter where i'm looking, i always see you.  
you are every shade of blue imaginable.   you rush in like the waves of the ocean, never fully satisfied sitting in one place.   you suck me into your embrace until i feel like i can't breathe,  
He's passive-aggressive, Controlling, it's true. If you will let him, He'll control you, too. No friends for you, You've got him, It is true.
Sometimes I feel like A caged animal longing to be free Knowing if I flee That he'll come after me. My thoughts are not mine, I belong to him. My ways I can't have, He won't allow them.
something about you is so familiar no matter how long we drift apart I can't help but love you when you're near   maybe how you were the first the first person to stick to look into my heart
It started slow,muddy leaves andcracked cement.Your jet black hair, and citrus scent. Slowly I wished,The crimson red in your cheeks.Was caused miraculously by none other than me. Slowly,
You don't scare me, mister. The way you threw me to the floor. Ran me through your fingers, Like sand and broken pieces of myself.  
Now that I've said it It doesn't seem so wrong. What was so hard to say out loud Kept me from being strong. So key to me That now I see I think, I can move on.
She was toxic. We were blamed For simple things, Like internet going out, And traffic. Things we couldn’t control. She was toxic. Manipulation was her superpower. Always at her disposal.
I absord your betrayal as soon as our brown eyes meet... It smashes my cranium into a bloody pulp, leaving me convulsing in a cesspool of a thousand half truths. Cursorily spitting out callused prevarications,
Frantically trying to swallow away the double knot you left in my vocal cords This, my beautiful award, for craving the abuse you effortlessly enforced.  Mercilessly invading every independent thought
A competition you created— anticipating the moment you tell me everything.   The way he touched your skin, like a painter gliding his brush along a canvas.
I often daydream of our past. You were once my happiness, But in a single moment you could take it all away. You tried to change me, Never saw the best in me, only bringing out the worst in me.
He was slimy, although he did his best to hide it.  Full of charming smiles and flirtatious compliments, he wooed all in his path.   But then you got closer.  
  So here's the thing, We were never really friends, Our friendship was just a dead end, You were the one out of many who understands, But what surprised me was that we were always holding hands, Our relationship saw a future, It ended with hatred
I drown in our love, but who is at fault? For you are an ocean; unceasing waves Splash me with sunlight and blind me with salt, And I happily swim down to my grave.   When we kiss, upon the surface I float,
We need better bridges in this town. Once we’re through, they’ll all have burned down past the ground to drown, which kind of defeats their purpose.
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