our love

Frantically trying to swallow away the double knot you left in my vocal cords

This, my beautiful award, for craving the abuse you effortlessly enforced. 

Mercilessly invading every independent thought

Just to contort and refashion me into my own worst enemy.

Im in too deep, so how does one attempt to begin to plea bargain?

You ravished my being like it was the rarest delicacy,

Carefully devouring every drop of my identity and essence of life.

Without this abuse I am nothing

Bending me back and forth,

Pulling me in romantically close then savagely forcing me all the out.

I couldnt stop you even if I wanted too, eagerly bingeing on the anguish you put me through

This toxicity has rehomed itself selfishly inside of every one of my blown out veins.

You injected me with this addiction resulting in balled fists and bloody kisses. 

Every part of my existence raped by your psychological warfare,

There is no detaching myself from this Hell you christened "our love."













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