You don't scare me, mister.

The way you threw me to the floor.

Ran me through your fingers,

Like sand and broken pieces of myself.


My eyes clench shut like a safe.

It puts me back on the wall, where you kept me.

Telling myself, "It will all be over soon."

And fear turns bitter in my mouth; ferments into hate.


And I am no longer the little girl you sought to prey on.

From nail to claw; from tooth to fang;

From submission to unsullied rage, fire beneath my gasoline heels;

The rosy coverall of one-sided love is ripped from off my eyes.


You don't scare me, mister.

The way you sent your friends to spy.

Shouting, "You broke his heart!",

I never told them about the parts you broke of me.


I never cried; you never deserved the gratification,

Of watching me suffer for your wicked acts.

No remorse in your eyes; that's when I knew,

I was right to save myself from the one whom I'd loved.


I never broke in two as you followed in my shadow,

Like a wolf, licking the air clean of my name.

Man one minute; and beast the next- you tried to destroy me,

But nothing dare compare to what you'd already done.


You don't scare me mister,

Now that I am grown. I let you get away,

And it haunts me, the thought of poisoning another with your presence,

But should the day come my testimony is needed,


I will be ready to face you,

To stare into the eyes of a walking corpse, a monster on earth,

And recite the obituary to the girl I once was,

The one that rips my skull to shreds every night before I sleep.


I will pull you with me into this Hell we've made.

I will put my scar tissue on display for the entire world to see.

Victim becomes vindictive, and shame is replaced by strength,

When I utter the words that will let me save myself from you.


Mister, you should be afraid of me.


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