You were the anchor

I often daydream of our past.

You were once my happiness,

But in a single moment you could take it all away.

You tried to change me,

Never saw the best in me,

only bringing out the worst in me.

I made the mistake thinking you’d change,

But all this hoping and wishing was killing me and our relationship.

No longer wanting to be trapped in your mind games.

No longer wanting to hear all the lies of “I love you”,

the disrespect,

 and the constant put downs.

I knew it was time for a change when you brought more pain than joy

And now I sit here drowning too late to realize that you are the anchor.

I often daydream of our past,

Having moved on and realizing that getting out of that toxic relationship only allowed me to make room for a new one,

 A healthy one.

One where the relationship is built on communication, trust, respect, freedom, and equality.

One where you don’t sacrifice your happiness for theirs.

One where you’re not pressured to change for anyone.

One where you only bring out the best in them,

 and allow each other to grow.


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