keep moving forward

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To the girl who thought yesterday was today, She lowered her gaze, Her old ways haunting her. She withdrew her hand, Her presence in all absences. She bent her knees, Her fantasies shattered.
Moving Forward Yes, life can be hard And the world can be cold. At times you have nothing, Not a hand to hold. But we must look to the future, And the past behind.
Mistakes are often made It is not a matter of if, but when It may be small, it may be large But each is one mistake, just the same How the society sees your mistakes is of more concern
Keep moving forward people will hold you back no mader where you go people will try to bring you down
You are nothing That is what I would tell myself That is what others would say
You don't know me I hide who I truley am I act different around everyone I say what others what me to say
Faint smile and emerald eyes, and yet myself I sometimes despise. Cold limbs and delicate thoughts, and yet my love I sometimes let rot. Active pulse and steady breathing,
Who am I when nobody sees? When the wall crumbles what will you see? Who am I when no one is watching? What will you hear when I stop talking? I am silly when nobody sees.
My situation is not the best, We didnt come from money like the rest, Constantly under stress upto my chest, I can't allow those negative thoughts to plauge my mind and infest.
Nothing comes easy Blood dripping down the body Tears coming out After everything, You look in the mirror, The reflection The Person IS THAT YOU??!!! OR IS THAT SOMEONE ELSE??!!!!
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