Who am I when nobody sees?

When the wall crumbles what will you see?

Who am I when no one is watching?

What will you hear when I stop talking?

I am silly when nobody sees.

I make myself laugh and my own flaws I tease.

I am a dork when no one is watching.

When it’s only to myself that I’m talking.

I am serious when nobody sees.

I’m driven and no nonsense with no one to please.

I am committed when no one looks.

Whether to people or to my books.

I am afraid when no one is watching.

Shaking and stressing and feeling like falling.

I am alone when nobody sees me.

Feeling empty inside with no one to help me.

I am hurt when no one can see.

Scars run so deep that healing’s unlikely.

I am sad when nobody looks.

Crying inside while smiling for looks.

I am determined when no one notices.

Fighting for life and what I know the truth is.

I am loud when no one can hear me.

Opinions are strong when held deep inside me.

I am lost when I’m all alone.

Confused and bewildered and so far from home.

I am destroyed when no one is looking.

Picking up pieces and holding in crying

I am important when no one else knows.

I matter and am needed and I run the show.

I’m independent when no one can see.

I get along just fine with only me.

I am lonely when nobody looks.

Betrayed and forgotten, left and mistook.

I am me when no one is looking.

I am prepared when nobody sees.

I know what I’m doing and I do it for me.

I am a real person with real problems and urgings.

I’m not always happy and I’m not always nice.

I’m not always laughing and I don’t always try.

I am smart when no one is watching.

Smarter than most and not always trying.

I am strong when nobody sees me.

I can hold myself up even when hurting.

I am me when no one is watching.

Unapologetic, trustworthy, trusting.

Desperate, pushy, sarcastic, loyal

Fierce, clever, strong and beautiful.

I am me when the curtain’s drawn back.

And I will be okay and I won’t turn back.


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