Royalty Within

You are nothing

That is what I would tell myself

That is what others would say

I had nothing to refute so it had to be true

Hidden behind lies and destructive words

A girl who would wake up in tears and wraps herself in the shame she had to carry

A child that was once told she is a disgrace over and over again

Alarmed by harsh words and actions

She was forced to move into her loneliest corner


Sometimes she would break and even at those moments the sunlight rays had been so devastating

Stares penetrated her soft cored heart and brought her to manmade waterfalls

If one knew about one’s suicidal tendencies wouldn’t they help?

Behind my smile I wanted to be saved

Confusion ringed in my veins and pulsed through my blood

Bleeding all the emotions behind just to rise


They walked the line of my sadness and pain

They understood but there was no tangible healing

They tried to dilute it with their medicinal lies


I am the love i was given, to spread and cherish

Helping and healing for what is the best of this world

Once hiding and blinded not wanting to see

Now seeing the truth that is being opened to me


Life is something so hard to swallow.

But living through the motion is way better than not realizing life has a point

Stepping outside of my corners is a beautiful woman who lives

Now I love the fullest of my days without a fear or being pushed back to the slumps I once was

I am more than what they would like me to be and more than what they see


No more am I tired to breath

Not tired to love

Not tired to smile

I’ll never live behind my tragedies and fears ever again.

I am me

A princess


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