Who am I?


You don't know me

I hide who I truley am

I act different around everyone

I say what others what me to say

I distance myself because people will judge me

I need to be who I am and not what others want me to be

I don't want people to take advantage of the real me


Who am I?

I hide behind a fake mask

I am the girl who is scared of falling in love

I am stuck in the past and not the future for several reasons

Friends won't exist and my loved ones will die


I wish I could fly back in time and change everything

I cry myself to sleep because of bully's

I have suicidal thoughts but that won't help me at all

I am insecure of who I am 

I don't have a pretty face nor the body of a model

I doubt myself in every situation


The best thing is to leave it all behind

I need to star over and be proud of who I am

If no one will love me, I will only have myself in the end

It's time to take of the fake mask

I am someone who will stop being affriad to show everyone the real me 











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