Society's Mistake

Fri, 07/29/2016 - 00:38 -- ec13185

Mistakes are often made

It is not a matter of if, but when

It may be small, it may be large

But each is one mistake, just the same

How the society sees your mistakes is of more concern

Because each one so small, one misstep, one wrong turn

Can cause a world of trouble to come knocking at your door

Did you pay your rent? Mortgage? Or forgot to pay your bills?

The IRS may mail you, your taxes overdue

All from the mistake of forgetting too long

Mistakes can cause death if care is not taken

Cars, Trucks, each heavy and fast

Crush, crumple, tear, destroy, injure, and dent

It is not a matter of if, but how long care can be taken for safety

Before a mistake is made

Mistakes, societies imperfections, make us all who we are

What if we never had anyone bleed, why would there be Band-Aids

Or why people would have blood drawn for others

You would never bruise, which seems nice

However, all those people who get paid for our mistakes, would be out of jobs

If your heart never had problems, why would we have cardiologists?

Mistakes are made, and need to be made

For how would you know how to budget if you never ran out of money?

And if you never ran out of money, would you even value it?

Would it just be like air, we don't prize it, or even think of it much

Money is one where we need to learn or make mistakes

Another mistake to be made is in love

For how would love grow deeper without opposition

You would never draw closer, never draw farther

For love is like two pendulums side by side, each swinging a little

Mistakes push against love, but each mistake, once stopped

Will allow you to fall back deeper in love

When will we see that mistakes, from the small to the big

Are all for us to learn from, and that if we don't give up

Each mistake is a block made for us to stand upon

As we strive to touch the stars

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