Dear Girl


Faint smile and emerald eyes,

and yet myself I sometimes despise.

Cold limbs and delicate thoughts,

and yet my love I sometimes let rot.

Active pulse and steady breathing,

and yet I sometimes feel like leaving.

Tell me, oh dear girl,

why am I blind to notice I'm a pearl?

I've heard others with shallow words spoken,

but why couldn't I just be awoken?

You see, I'm a beautiful constant tide.

The rocks I may clash against, but my mind stays wide.

My feet have led me backwards,

but self love is what will move this mountain forward.

I am going to live and let die,

but what's dying is the lie.

The lie that screams I am not enough,

I'm more than enough even during the rough.

Tell me, oh dear girl,

when did my life evolve into such a whirl?

Oh but that does not matter, you see.

But what does, is me.





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