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We are defined by the simplicity of a few words. Morphed out of nothing, as if expectations should really come from a boy in your chem class. He says he likes his girls skinny.
My generation thinks it's more important hoarding Jordans and spending stacks than racking up diplomas
 I am made of goldSupple and ripe I am embodied venusLike the seas I sway and pull in those who dare to indulge I am unstoppableA queen A goddess  Nothing more nothing less
I'm an extroverted introvert Please don't get it confused You may think I'm very social I'm foolproof in my ruse   I've been compared to a turtle I retreat at the first sign of danger
Soft tone Lost and alone Breakin' the rules Avoidin' the pools Play my game Won't be the same Parade around Hear the sound Of my hear beating Breaking, up and shaking
Is this who we’ve been called to be? My generation and me? Always hearing about the economy? Classes are tough, home seems harder, So I say to myself I make my Horizons broader.
  O’ Facebook, why must you be the molly to my generation? 
Lust is a must in my generation because my generation is influencing this nation-Yes. Because the teachers don't teach the students; The students teach the teachers. They try to discipline us and we say we'll tell our moms,
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