O' Facebook



O’ Facebook, why must you be the molly to my generation? 

You promote drama, profanity, and ignorance. 

Yet my generation is drawn to you like money.

My generation would delete you in a minute but back online in an hour.

How come you became so addictive? 

The Like button you provided has changed people.

They will do anything to get some likes these days.

They are hungry animals seeking to eat in the wild. 

O’ Facebook

Online you provide a voice of confidence, but offline there’s none.

You take a hold of all the brains of my generation.

And fill it up with junk!

Everyone is concern with everyone and everything. 

What is posted everyday is like the daily paper, you have to see.

You became the reality show of our lives.

People look to you to vent instead of an actual person.

O’ Facebook

We must change your ways!


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