Blank Minds

Addicted to social media 
This shit is ridiculous 
How I can be trapped inside this box 
Checking twitter every minute 
Ain't shit on there but a bunch of stupid images 
Emojis, and bitches ranting about relationship goals, who's a hoe, who did this, did that, who's a rat, and if a dress is white or black. 
Who gives a fuck? honestly. 
You want some honest honesty? 
Me fucking with this media is fucking up my modesty. 
I'm lost in tweets I'm lost for weeks 
I feel like humanity has lost it's mind. 
It's very sanity. 
Divine and one of a kind has been hard to come by. 
We're all products of an environment that we tend to be around the most. But if I'm stuck on these apps forever I might become a ghost. 
A dead soul scrolling down a timeline with no where to go. 
I have yet to find my heaven, and I have yet to see hell. 
It's like an awkward purgatory, with a funky ass smell. 
Sounds awful, doesn't it? 
Shave me away from the bowels of society. 
Peace love and respect is all I'm trying to find from thee. 
But all I see is hatred. Lies. Two faces with the Devils eyes. 
Watching my people fry their retinas on the screen of an iPhone 5. Or maybe even a 6. 
Nah, you'll stick with the 5 because you know you can't afford it. 
But you gotta have that iPhone because your image is important. 
Materialistic items that make you feel like a God. 
No morals, no standards, but got the latest iPod. 
To me, you're just a fraud, but who am I to talk? 
I just bought a new watch so I can show off at my job. 
Like damn that nigga must be the man at this establishment. 
You're damn right I am, and that's not even half of it. 
But minimum wage ain't shit, I need a larger salary. 
I'm only 19 and the pressure is suffocating me. 
Is he going to be a doctor a lawyer or perhaps the biggest prodigy? 
I don't fucking know just let me live my life and let me be. 
I take it one day at a time, no rush in this catastrophe. 
Life, is a catastrophe. And I'm just an alien that doesn't need to be around. 
Misunderstood and frowned upon until I'm driven into the ground. 
I'm just a little different. I mean we all have similar complexion, don't we? 
Made in the image of God, from our head to our feet. 
Vastly divine minds, yet, no one wants to speak differently. 
It's as if no one can think on their own. They let an app on a Droid or an iPhone decipher their ideas. 
Well.. here's an idea.. think for yourself. 
Don't allow the media to interfere with what you believe in. Don't allow the media to form your opinion. Don't allow the media to blind you with the bullshit. 
Just open your eyes and notice what's in front of you. 
A plentiful life away from what's demolished truth. 
We are all God's so it's time for us to step up. 
I want hope for the future, not just a bunch of fuck ups. 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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