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How will you know when it's finally over? Who will you be when you no longer exist? What will you do with eternal freedom? When will you begin to accept the present moment? Where will you be when you wake up dead?
What exactly am I trying to hide from myself? Why can't I feel good without chemical help? What is so terrible about being sober? Trading it all, is it finally over?  
Why do we love? Sometimes it feels like it’s pointless Love to be hurt Then why do we start?   We start to feel it That same joyous feeling
I don't even know what I have left anymore.  Not my family,  Not my friends  (who I don't want to talk to),  Not trust,  or love,  or compassion, or understanding, 
Best friends you said  looked me deep into my eyes  straight into my soul i thought  best friends you said  over your shoulder  casually, easily  best friends you said 
my shadow is made of paper; and my smile's made of sin. i can't get any closer. to being dead within
If I could ask for one more dayThat I could be yoursI’d bask in moments, the love, the security.the purity in our intentionsBefore we refused to speak what was unintentionally mentionedThe lies you’d cry
You can't tell me that you ever cared about me or my feelings when the one time I sleepily told you I loved you (on accident), you told me that I didn't
She was the mug that you had
It started with a light  a single life.  the light under the door   coming through the cracks in the windows  cracks under the lids   of my eyes  waking slowly   in your arms.   
Cutting you out of my life would be like ripping out a piece of my heart... But that part has been so beaten and abused that the rest has learned to beat without it already
Love Unconditional, unstoppable Truthfully, passionately, wholeheartedly Yearning, destiny, coincidence, pain Leaving, forgetting, replacing
do you ry at 3 in the mornin worryin bout me roamin
You told me I was creepy, I said you were wrong.
Can you belive it? It's almost over. HIgh school as we know it will just be a memory, A memory that will last us a lifetime.  Friends. Clubs. Teachers. Classes. All just a memory.
I'm starting to feel like hearts are anchors and mine is rushing to the ground. Only I don't want to stay here, stranded under the beating sun.   So tell me how to jump
You've gotten fingerprints, All over my favorite movies and songs
I remember thinking, that your blue deep dark blue eyes ... Could solve anything Cure anything and that your smile... your pearly white smile could fix my sadness,
When I think of you                    sometimes my stomach flips.  Not alwyas in that "good way"         well,      Most of the time is alwyas the good way.  but I shouldn't feel like this. 
breathe the sadness that stitches your ribs together and choke on the chances you missed  
This... This is settling. Sitting here with you Staring at this static fuzz on the TV screen, Listless, blank, and melancholy. We gave up so long ago,
Confrontations in every conversation
I have an unhealthy attraction to brokenness
it is his moment i realise the true instabilliey of my inner subconcious. withdrawn from simple communication unable t contact anyone iscolated from the world washes of the thick coat of destractions
  if i lost interest in you  would things finally fall into place.
  did time burn out the flame. whose the one to blame. 
Lonely face while he walks the streetWater from my eyes like sea salt-laden galesThe last they heard from him was a tweetAll she wanted was to hear a taleThe Moon was bright as a lamp-post
Seven, it was seven years when we first met Your hair so perfect & eyes so blue, The way you played the trumpet With that sweet smile oh so true,
This leaves a sour taste in my mouth, causes my eyes to welt, and plummets my stomach into a free-fall. I tried everything I could but it wasn’t enough.
stop crying. stop crying. that's a lesson you learn from dying. it's nothing, it's okay. i'm just gradually going insane. but it's alright. I'll cross my t's and dot my i's and everything will be fine.
I saw your Picture I Smiled. I heard your Voice I Smiled. I felt your Touch and, I Smiled. I was Pained when there was no Thought. I was Pained when there was no Emotion. I was Pained when there was no Contact.
One more bruise, One more curse, One more day to endure the hurt, One more insult, One more look, One more thought that it is all done, One more slap, One more tear,
There he goes walking at his graceful pace, says hello to his friends, decides to stay and talk. Smiling and laughing there is is, but then his eyes land on me. His smile has faded away, and my heart is beginning to cry,
Hey comes fast, But bye come faster, Over comes last, But under comes after, From set up to set hut, In from the monotone cadence, From plastic and head buts, Out roar of excruciating patience,
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