lolz i lost my phone this sux

it is his moment i realise

the true instabilliey of my inner subconcious.

withdrawn from simple communication

unable t contact anyone

iscolated from the world

washes of the thick coat of destractions

and exposes the realisation 

that i am so damn weak

i sit here feeling the need to cry

just thinking way too much

i sit here all alone

with my music and the words in my head

i want to do things i havnt done in months

i havnt felts such withdraw from a razor

since beore i tried getting better

but tonight its overwealming

and i cant fight it.

btu this, ive come to see, is me

this is who id be if i was alone all the time

im hanging off the edge of a cliff

which crumbles when my thoughts attack

and i fall 

and i fall

and i fall

and theres no bottom

and when theres no one and nothing to catch me

i cant save myself

and its over



Very well written. Stay strong, you always have to get through the worst, before it gets better.

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