She Was

She was the mug that you had

Your favorite one, the one you used more than the others
The one that fits just right in your hand
But over the years the paint faded and the mug cracked

Till one day you bumped it
And it shattered just like that

But is okay cause you have more mugs

that you can use to replace the one you broke,

She was the umbrella you kept with you
To protect you from all the wind and rain
She got you through your toughest days and helped you survive the roughest storms
Till the day the storm was too much even for her

But everything's fine cause you got a new umbrella a better one a prettier one

One that'll keep the storm at bay,


She was the earbuds you had
The only ones you liked listening to
And you listened to her till her voice began to fade
Till you could only hear her through one ear
Then even that stopped and there was nothing left but silence


You found a new pair one that won't sound the same

but one that may keep the silence away,

She was the glasses you used to wear
The ones who helped you see
You saw the world through her eyes
Everything was as it should be

Till the day the lens broke and the frames cracked
And you switched to contacts just like that

And it's fine cause you can still see

It's just not the same as it used to be,

She was the moon
Giving you light at your darkest hours
But she couldn't always be there
And sometimes she would get covers up by cloud
And sometimes she would need her time alone

And you couldn't handle the darkness on your own
So you left and went away
Slept through the night and waited for day
Cause the darkest was too much and
Her light just wasn't enough

But still she shines

Just not for you

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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