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An unknown thought Phrased once or twice Something once taught
Filterless? Filter-less.   Less as in I am less without a filter Less attractive less complete less perfect Less myself  
Who are you behind a filter, we try to look good and be someone we are not, just look in the mirror and see who you are, God makes no mistakes we the way we are from design, why change perfection with a filter,
filters hide the true beauty inside & out Can't see what's on the inside because people are worried about what's on the outside SElF CONFIDENCE leads to success In your own skin you win never settle for less
What do my words sound like without a filter? Might as well ask me to reinvent the wheel My words must remain slightly off-kilter Because I am afraid of myself without a filter.  
Life, You bring open doors to my eyelids, Flying butterflies to my lashes cocooning, open mastering what happens when you come in, Shine lightning onto my eyes, 
In a world where we work until we die what’s in store for you and i? only the rich, smart, and strong will survive what does it mean to be alive? to go down swinging to run the street singing
Usually things pop up in my mind But suddenly they disappear through time I always think I know what I want But sometime I don't I'm young, confused, and alone What do you expect coming from a youngan
Nothing.   That’s all I feel anymore. Just blank pages. Blank faces. Blank canvases. Blank. Blank. Blank.   All I hear is static. Static TV. Static voices.
We are told that everything has a name. Everything has a specific function, place, and must be seen in that way. In that case is life a box?
I can’t take this anymore. How can the people that meant so much, The ones that were there for you, Never failed to make you smile, Be the same people to shatter your heart to pieces?
There is no title. What does this mean for readers? Nothing much, really.
collected sentence fragmentsgathering on my papercancerous it drowns the whitein chickenscratch blackand drabbly phrases i am not sure what they mean i write them outand name thempoetry
she flooded herself in a drowning sort of fear that overtook hersoul like bodily possession it took every bit of her until she wasnothingbut the rain
Frosty white tips on a cake Flow like waves in the ocean With our bodies wrapped, Enraptured in a white lake, drowning In the sun till our skin glows
There are things beyond our control. They may not always be fair, they screw with your heart and make things hard to bare. But babe I want you to know I really care. But at this time I cant change anything.
He was the color of tan skin untouched by winter's sun,but the blizzard lives on in his eyes.He uses the weed to get high because it's the only way for him to get up in the morning without her touch.
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