Wed, 04/16/2014 - 19:48 -- krae.97

I can’t take this anymore.

How can the people that meant so much,

The ones that were there for you,

Never failed to make you smile,

Be the same people to shatter your heart to pieces?

Cause you to constantly be on the verge of tears?

I don’t understand this.


I spend days pretending to be on top.

Because once you utter the lie “I’m okay”,

You start to believe it yourself.

But even the greatest lies come to an end.


Reality kicks in.

I crash with no strength to get back up.

These tears cascade down my face right before your eyes.

Yet it’s like you’re blind.

You don’t see the pain I’m in,

You don’t even give it a second glance.


I can’t stand crying.

It’s a sign of weakness

So I apologize.

Really, I can’t help it.

The tears have broken the flood gates.


I said I’m fucking sorry.

So quit hurting me, okay?

Quit shoving the dagger deeper into my flesh.

You’ve gotten blood everywhere.

How are we going to clean up this mess?


I’ve tried buying a universal remote and pressing rewind.

But these buttons seem to be broken.

And I’m starting to run out of options.


You said you’ve never cared.

So I should be used to you laughing at my agony.

Yet it hurts despite how many times you’ve done it before.


I see now that my pleas are getting us nowhere.

So go on.

Dig the dagger in one last time.

Dig it in as far as it’ll go.

Make sure this time you kill me.


Because honestly,                

I can’t take this anymore.

Besides if you kill me…

You get the pleasure of being my torturer as well as my murderer.


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