We are told that everything has a name.

Everything has a specific function, place, and must be seen in that way.

In that case is life a box?

In the sake of history we section off areas by rulers and Dynastic Cycles,

Times of strength within people and the fall of once prized Civilizations.

In Science we place Biomes by climate and animals that reside in that area.

If things must be organized then I am a girl

Given a life and told by society that my work must reflect and propel me for bigger things.

But, what is it that I am shooting for?

How can one categorize their dreams and hopes in order to appease the basic OCD of mankind?

Life like many Microsoft Word Documents is Untitled.

I choose to keep mine Untitled

So many opportunities can flood in like the Tigris and Euphrates

Uncontrolled, but has the necessities needed to thrive.


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