Tue, 07/15/2014 - 22:17 -- missaah


Usually things pop up in my mind
But suddenly they disappear through time
I always think I know what I want
But sometime I don't
I'm young, confused, and alone
What do you expect coming from a youngan
Mind traveling all over the place
A distance it travel through space
All the amazing, extraordinary, and new things pop around
But not a familiar scene to be found
They said write what's off your dome
But I'm constantly always tryna go home
Tired of this isolation from my body
The stillness of the island
Separated from the living
Something that i do thats is unforgiving
The ticking of time
The everlasting of my rhyme
I'm not a bright intellectual
Nor a factor toward you all
Face the fact I am me
What I can and always want to be
I have no words to submit to you all
From this emptiness of a mind
I can't penetrate what is inside
Don't expect something right or wrong
Neither short or long
No name for what I just say
No title for this words that come to play
Nothing can be done or heard
Just written in a few words
Untitled of what I'm trying to explain
Not in this region my mind remain
The forgiving mindset I have endure
Til this day I my words are secure
No love but lust
In this reality we confess
Play by play of what run through my mind
You may think I'm might be crazy even insane
Keep it anonymous as we all have quite few to say
Obedient and don't disobey
No words to share with you
But only a few
Nothing left to say
Or to think in this time today


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