Sun, 10/12/2014 - 03:16 -- Soulae
You bring open doors to my eyelids,
Flying butterflies to my lashes cocooning,
open mastering what happens when you come in,
Shine lightning onto my eyes, 
brightening my path that my footsteps take when I try to take steps forward,
Locks unlocked to my heart when I cry,
I love you for your existence being persistence with scent in minutes,
Spraying your smell on my wells,
drowning in free spirited cells under my clone bones remade by yesterday,
But I hate you cause your difficult, 
no miracle could explain your mirror who, makes you look better than your dark spirits do, 
evil is what I step into when I try to be just like you, 
apparently your transparency is scaring me, your darkness gives me no clarity,
it compares me to compare me to the comparisons that I become when I'm lost in the shadows of popularity,
it's no rarity for you to be easy,
your not a sex addict, 
addicted to quick fixes, 
mixes of playing hard to get, 
your hard to get into,
no room for a condom,
no reason to put it on for protection, injecting pain into the needle, 
where you see all the struggle flash in front, you won't come up for breath, 
to have sex, 
cause your saving yourself, 
virgin swimming around islands,
your just Jamaican, 
just making everything harder then it has to be, 
why can't you be easy, 
hard knocking the signal I'm receiving, connection unconnected the phone stopped, dropped, 
I'm sorry I didn't pay the bill,
it's better if we just disconnect, 
wishes never met, 
struggles I always get, 
when I think about living with you, 
I bet, 
you could care less cause you live careless, I'm just careful now to care full of you less, 
But you make me happy,
tripping looking at old pictures,
taking it back to when I was little,
Appreciating, appreciations, applauses applauded me,
graduating I remember,
Going back to my tracks,
innocence is where I prefer my mindset to be at,
delivering me when I came into this world I wanna go back,
I wish I could, 
see if I would change,
take a different print of foot, 
printing out my outlook, 
perspective before I got shook with influences on my brain, 
opinions shifting my head, 
damn Gina you got a big head, 
I wish I could at least travel,
Dabble in motion of the still art I painted when I gave off my paint brush, 
oh how I wish,
Life is a trip,
I fell backwards with it two many years ago,
but I'm obviously here,
a new year, 
stares of fears appear near stairs that my eyes dream to take when I make the step to face my face with a face facing my pain,
It'll never be the same in the most positive possible way I know it won't,
won't stop for your feet, 
stop ticking for your heart, 
reckless it is known for,
to be there pounding on your chess to go after the air that you haven't inhaled before,
powerful it gives to your lungs, hate it or love it,
it's a drug.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

love the connection to life, relations

it speaks in high volume

spoke truth and honesty

well done and said


Thanks, I tried to tell my story about how I feel about life in a love and hate relationship type of way.

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