hate crimes

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im still the same person i was before it's just now you know im gay don't treat me any different than before please stop looking at me like that stop looing at me like im a disgrace please dad
Dear dad please read all of this. no skipping. I know this will make you mad. it will make you hate me but thats ok. you won't beable to hurt me now anyway.
You hate me   my parents hate everyone hates me   because im gay the hate is so thick    i can slice it with a knife why must hate be so strong
Feed your righteous ignorance, Because you'd rather move in a thoughtless mass, A mess of mindless thoughts to pass, Like a hurricane void of common sense.   Than kiss the faces, those before you,
There was a newspaper headline a few days ago ‘America Is Weeping’ All I could think was So you chose to join the party?
One shot, the shot that killed you Two minutes, is all it took for lives to be taken one month, and im walking away from the place that protects us 17 minutes, to honor the victims the world has lost
Fake men afraid to have real conversations Adverse persuasion Scared of world view revelations So the same hatin' going down in police stations
Dear Society, Why? Why do you do this? Hate. Why… Why do you hate?   Why choose to let difference divide you?
Bright lights and glamor, money and glitz A beautiful dancer working in Delhi. Bewitched by her form, a powerful businessman Fails to see where her heart truly lies.
America the Great. America the Beatiful. America the Ignorant. America the Hateful.   Something's not right here, I'm losing my mind here. Why is it, a gay man walks down the street
A dangerously beautiful display Of wild devotion and the will to act Has moved the souls of tiny men today To change the world, to make a Faustian pact: They paid for freedom, each their own, it seems,
Dear America, Why is it that I’m over $40,000 in debt with student loans and I have yet to make $40,000 a year? Dear America, Why is it that my blackness alone is a reason for our police to shoot and kill?
how can so much hate come from within a land known as great? there is no end to this fight for humanity to give in is to give away your sanity.      
Melanin Stained Skin Jeraldyne Norman   Melanin stained skin Everyone’s staring, glaring through me Watching each and every step I take
Just because I am gayDon’t think I like you, I like hot guysDon’t think I can’t judge women, I am not blindDon’t think I am weak, I am stronger than youJust because I am gayIt doesn’t mean I am not supported, I receive even more support than youIt
Stay Gold You never know what the future holds, with our stories yet untold, our beautiful mind can't be sold, our words will be forever spoken forget the background noise, focus you are not broken. Show them you are strong,
He rests encaged his heart entangled as the Little Red Raven has done. The school children shout, they jeer, and laugh, as they say: Aye! It’s you who got pecked by the Little Red Raven  
Poetry is words that need to be said It is words trying to escape Poetry is strength when all courage has fled It is words spoken   Poetry is what allows me to say, "I matter."
Alisha, how are you? Did you cross under the rainbow? What the Afghan storytellers tell thier children, So they can become who they want to be.. Thought about writing a song for you,
I hate what oppression has done for my group. "Maybe you just haven't found the right man yet."   I hate what oppression has done for my group. "Who treated you wrong?"  
Transgender A word that brings Fear.   That brings dysphoria, confusion, invasive questions Fear of entering another's home and being attacked By their transphobic parents  
Biting the bullet and yearning for peace my only sanity escapes me.    Death is near, I've lost all fear... the bells continue to ring.   
If a black teen is murdered
The simple things in life  taken for granted sorrows and pain
    I wrote this to see what it would be like in a girl's position,
I aint’ never been part of a high class society The thoughts that crave within me, Blearing out with animosity Breathing in the fresh-scented Musk, that’s Broken. Calligraphy- The fundamental process;
Innocence were their names   In a child's place they were to be Wrong place, wrong time Some would say to thee...   It was just another day Another day riddled with injustice, segregation
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