America the Great.

America the Beatiful.

America the Ignorant.

America the Hateful.


Something's not right here,

I'm losing my mind here.

Why is it, a gay man walks down the street

And all we do is put flowers and candles where he used to be?

Why does a man who gave his soul for his country

Have to stand on a street corner and beg for change from you and me?


She wears her hair in a wrap, oh,

We must be frightened.

His skin is darker than mine,

Your grip on your mama's hand tightens.

Something's not right here.

We're losing our minds here.


In a world where just because we can,

Doesn't mean we should.

And just because we should

Doesn't mean we can.

How am I supossed to know

right from wrong?

My heart is breaking,

I wanna feel strong.

Somedays we can't tell wrong

From right.

What are we supposed to do?

Have we given up the fight?


Something's wrong here.

We've lost our minds here.

This poem is about: 
My country


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