Mothers Day

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They're like the friends who mean well but always say the wrong thing, These made-up holidays   Instead of casting the warm glow of a perfect nuclear family,
Many people ask or wonder, What love is and why we ponder, Some people it only seems to hurt, Others are enlightened by this one words work, So ask yourself this question please,
Dear Mommy,   It's the third Mother's Day without you I miss your beautiful smile, and your laugh   I could count 1000 things I miss about you and it wouldn't count for half  
Dear Mom, I know I have been a pain And sometimes just a delite Thank you for taking care of me Forever from first light I love you more than you would know I hold you o so dear
 Your presence in our life is tremendous,  Your punishments are horrendous. Your thoughts are uplifting,
5th grade, yellow pencils out Another lesson to forget “Tomorrow is mother’s day!”   Do you remember anything? I don’t remember much But I do remember 2008’s May  
The first of the month brings light to our lives, birds in their nests and bees in beehives. We know that summertime is coming up soon so were hustling and bustling and stressing about school.
A mother's duty is not oft sought out. Example-like demeanor, and impeccable wit, Is not always found in every creation. The requisite mental patients, And presentiment second nature,
your pale white skin peppered with maroon dots, their brown blue tones stand out against the alabaster flesh. a tangled mess of loose red curls pours over your shoulders,
Happy Mothers Day Linda Both your Birthday and Mothers day Are the same weekend The ninth and tenth Princess says Happy weekend! Pretty Kitty says the same And we'll see you in the hall of Fame!
Mom you are the Cinterpiece of my Life, My light in the sun, I can't thank you enough for All that you've done,
A poem for mother’s around the world, who spread their love, and wisdom as priceless as pearls. They cook, they clean, when we’re not there. Who knows Superwoman, bat woman, Wonder woman combined. A mother has to be super in all to have the time.
I write a lot of poems Much about love and mild despair, But when referring to such love, What do I mean, I’ll make it clear, I speak of love, I want but lost, Love that will, extremely cost, Me mostly emotionally, But I have failed to mention, A
whenever I think of you I think of a pink ribbon and hospitals or the hospice you lived in where ever you may be I love you happy mothers day from me
I am from clothes and plants From coffee and cheerios I am from the quiet neighborhood But loud house With the smell of pine trees When you walk outside I'm from the cactuses you grow
You told me I will understand one day Have it or lose it you'll never know From me to you on this day, this day in May When push comes to shove do not fear nor show
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