Love Is...

Many people ask or wonder,

What love is and why we ponder,

Some people it only seems to hurt,

Others are enlightened by this one words work,

So ask yourself this question please,

What love is and whats its need.


Now I cannot tell you what it is,

but I can so often what its like...


Love is like the ocean, it roars with a purpose,

Love is like a lion, brave and proud,

Love is like a chain, only as strong as the link before,

Love is like an envelope, open it up to find the message within,

Love is like a fire, it burns with a passion,

Love is like steel, strengthened when its used

Love is like a diamond, created with the weight and pressure of the world,

then hardened over time


Love is many things you see,

But nothing loves more than the mother who created you,

Happy Mothers' Day!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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