A Mother's Love


United States
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A poem for mother’s around the world, who spread their love, and wisdom as priceless as pearls. They cook, they clean, when we’re not there. Who knows Superwoman, bat woman, Wonder woman combined. A mother has to be super in all to have the time. The time to nurse or raise a child, when I think about it all I can do is smile. I’m fortunate enough to have a mother, to be with me through the rain and thunder .Whether it was how to add 2+2 or even enough to tie my shoe. I’m old enough and now I know, momma’s word is always right even when it doesn’t sound alright. Don’t stick your hand in the fire my mother said, and curious as I was I stuck it there. She asked me then would I do it again, I shook my head and said mommas word is said. A mothers love cannot be bought, not a 100, 1,000, 1,000,000,000 dollars can be sought, from any person to buy my mother she’s not for sale not even her lovin. Look to your mother and then you’ll see even when you’re mad with each other, we come together in times of need. Don’t ever say a thing you’ll regret because you never know the last time you will get to see your mother, for the last time might not be like any of the others. That time may be fairly small but be sure that your mother knows that a mother’s love grows and grows a mothers love is what you should know Happy Mother’s Day


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