Broken hearts

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Shhh… we must whisper when we say this. This is for you my regrettable desire This is for the Love I thought we could’ve had And the love we never will have 
Tears draw rivers down my cheeks They fall easily and slip out of my eyes unnoticed I never knew crying was that simple, until you.  
Her eyes are just like the deep blue ocean; His smile shines as bright as the sun above. When she looks at him she sees devotion. He knows she is everything he's dreamed of.
The boy was corrupting her like a leech stuck to her skin But she didn’t know any better so she stuck by him She started changing slowly, didn’t even notice
I opened my eyes today once that was a game I'd playLearned through heartache and pain.I pray every night you're not dead you're okayDiscovered how to live even in down pouring rain. 
Take my hand Out of here we can run Open doors and chances   Let go and walk away And steal what's not yours
Sick love. We hold each other. So sick and tainted. Our flesh is whole but our souls are rotten, It's a maggot ridden love. Our feelings nibble holes through our hearts.
Flowers made for war. A bullet for my sweetheart. I do kind things, These wonderful sweet things, But I want to see you bleed. Arousal from your torment, And a smile for your pain.
I watch as you stand up against the wall Looking like a God. I should be over you. You've hurt me too many times Only to watch me fall again. Time after time. You catch me staring and wink.
What are you, but an Itch I cannot reach?A dark poison, flowing so slick, carefreePsychological warfare, please don’t preachBegone!The pain in my neck, leave us be!Little Hippie you, get chained to a tree
Removal of passion was the last resort, the last plan of action. hoping to patch up the wound she left when she tore apart your heart and left it there to remain broken. Lost in the world, you swore you'd never trust someone again.
Is that how it's supposed to be  Sitting in quiet because we wore out the words before we spoke Ignoring the deafening silence that comes crashing around our ears
  You are nothing but a petty thief A sly grin that only stood for the physical embodiment of your vile nature  You can't be trusted not one bit
They tell me you love me They tell me you want me That you'd even die for me So that I'd believe You wisper sweet love to me Knowing it'll set me free But in my dispare Do you really care?
Have you learned now? Now that there are only memories of us together Now that I don't look at you differently than other people, in fact I look at you the same as I would if I saw a stranger
Some people   Wander in the forest and never see the trees Walk along meadow paths and never see the flowers Climb rocky mountain faces and never feel the stones  
Momma said to never cry over spilt milk and broken cookies but, she never said anything
There comes a time when there's no way out, The fire's barely burning, no one hears you shout. There comes a time when the sun doesn't shine, The shadows move in, clouding your eyes.
...But as the days feel longer and your words feel short, sh
Don't forget to say hello when I'm walking down the hall at school, and you see me look away. Don't forget to smile ate me once in awhile so I know you still care, even if I don't return it. 
                                          Lights                     Lights                                 Wonderful, beau          tiful, lovely.                                Perfect princess           Little darling
  Letting you go... was the hardest part 
A warm summer's breeze filled the gallery halls, And I stared at framed faces, upon whitewashed walls, Countenances conceited, setting my spirits to fray, But yours ethereal, and desiring me stay.
The things that were meant The words that were spoken Miscommunications we had Led to hearts that were broken. Our launch into this escapade was seamless, everything was right.
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