You are nothing but a petty thief

A sly grin that only stood for the physical embodiment of your vile nature 

You can't be trusted not one bit

Your slippery fingers itchy to find something of worth 

Your envy is showing, your jealousy is growing 

Always looking over your shoulder to see if anything better came along 


You're nothing but a criminal

Dipping into pockets with holes and empty wallets 

Climbing up and down buildings that are crumbling 

You want what the next guy wants 

And if the next guy doesn't want me

I'm stuck 


You're nothing but a robber

Prettied and dolled up


As my hero and my savior

Stealing my worries and insecurities

And leaving only a tear shed in its place

How blinded am I for you, as your quick fingers disposed of them 

Everything I have is useless to you 

Stealing and stealing until there's nothing left of me

Breaking and destroying until there's nothing left of me 


What are you looking for


But the treasure you seek cannot be sought or attained 

You don't want the one I hold in my hand

A human heart? Full of affection and love?


If nobody wants it, why should you take it

It's not rare or wanted - it's useless


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