Love, Death, Rot And Corpses

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 22:11 -- Neftee

Sick love.

We hold each other.

So sick and tainted.

Our flesh is whole but our souls are rotten,

It's a maggot ridden love.

Our feelings nibble holes through our hearts.

Harsh words are milworms in our beings!

Feasting away at the good we had left.

Hold me. Hold me close again.

I don't want to see,

I cannot forget.

I see your face in the mirror next to mine.

Yellow eyes and rotten flesh,

Purple splauches where the blood has pooled.

This is a dead romance,

We are a corps couple,

but your love is emortality.

I need it!

I want it!

I will do anything to be with you.

It's problematic But it's all we got.

I know you're sweet, But then you're not.

You play with my emotions,

And I need your dead love more then I need life.

Closer closer,

press your rotten lips into my own.

Let your maggot words eat at my desires!

I love you!

But then our hate is whole.

It's broken,

it's broken,

there is nothing In this world!


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