Half of Two or One?


United States
31° 31' 50.34" N, 110° 57' 2.3904" W

The things that were meant
The words that were spoken
Miscommunications we had
Led to hearts that were broken.
Our launch into this escapade
was seamless, everything was right.
As time ticked on, day to day
Over silly things, we begun to fight.
The fondness once shared
Is as sand slipping through our fingers.
This was once beyond compare,
Now unease is all that lingers...
It's heartbreaking to see this outcome
This result I'd never guessed.
Truth is, I resist to admit what's going on
If this were mended we'd be blessed
Alas, things aren't repaired so easily.
Forgive me, something must be done.
Realization's come to me.
I'm not half of two; I'm one.


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