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Snowflakes can be Heavy
Each and every snowflake is different from the others. There is something calming about standing outside and watching the snowfall.
Are just words to tell who you are.Now some are calling today's generationSnowflakesBecause they think.This generation is too delicateThey also used that termFor folks they hate.This is not the wayTO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
I remain here. I'm frozen in place, No one is here to warm me. No one is here to wipe my tears. No one is here to hear my screams. No one is here to chase away my fears
Winter Flows Through Me, While life is changing now. Life dies slowly now.  
He is winter. He is the excitement that takes over. His eyes are snowflakes, drifting in the wind, carpeting the land in a cloak of white. His lips are the colors only shown by the setting sun, colors of pink.
The snow sprinkles down, It clumps together, And waits for its friends to arrive. I, too, wait, For something to do, In attempts to pass the time. My boyfriend shovels The new fallen snow,
My family stands beside me under a roof of sky
My mind is like a kaleidoscope that shifts and sparkles Then freezes in place Not so beautiful anymore My fears are snowflakes Little and inconsequential alone But powerful and strong together
  Starfish eyes,
Pale eyes Blank face Aching body sprawled on the floor Crop circles Formed from restless feet The pipe leads the way to the motherland   Violent trembles calm to steady hands Slowly
Crystals of ice hand-crafted by the divine White as the aura of a newborn babe Unique, complex, exceptional Beauty in its most natural form
Dear Ailurophilia, Sand spreads across the line of an unbelievable amount of time in which we we're cursed to feel unwanted emotions and travel a road so unworthy
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